Solving the Constitutional Paradox

The Constitutional Paradox and superposition, in this essay is seen as a kind of legal purgatory. However, the two row wampum allows for us to solve the Superposition and break free from the Constitutional Paradox, the two row wampum itself is a tool for quantum positioning, to discover the true position of the Kanienkahaka, solving the superposition the box is open and the constitution of the Kanienkehaka is realized.

Like the Cat in Schrödinger’s equation, the ‘Indian’ is seeing life or death(from inside the box), and inside with him is the Great Law, the observer (outside the box) can only guess the status of the Indian; death or life, assimilation or independant.

The situation for the Kanienkhaka is similar, but the assumption is that without opening the box, the Canadian courts and all concerned have plausible deniability, so the dilemma is how to get the Canadian people to open the box themselves to reveal what constitution the Haudnanshuanee live by, are we alive or dead, and whether the Wampum laws have been broken. How does the cat get the observer to open the box, or Let the cat out of the box.

The Host and guest-friend relationship that was once cherished by all who enjoyed the bounty of the lands and resources, but until the Box is re-opened or the wampum are polished, and the truth is then set free about The Great Law of Peace and Wampum laws, the original Hosts will remain hostage to the guests who have become an enemy to the peace.