Wampum History In Brief

Atl Law is an ancient oral equality system of law and language emerging from the Mesolithic Period (25,000 to 9,500 BCE) around the regions of Mexico, Central Americas, and the northern half of South America.

Origins of Atl Law

Atl law is named after the Atl indigenous of the Andes (Antis) Mountains and northern half of South America, otherwise known at the Atlanteans who believed their laws were passed down directly from flesh and blood higher order beings. Atl Law evolved into the foundation of the laws of MesoAmerican Civilizations (Olmec, Zapotex, Aztec and Maya), Andean Civilizations (Inca, Moche, Chibcha and Canaris) and the Great Plains Civilizations of North America such as Wampum Law.

Atl Law and Roman Law

As the Roman Cult is an imposter system founded by fraud in the 11th Century with finance from Venice and never was the founders of the Catholic Church nor Christian Faith, all law based on the Roman Cult including Feudal Law, Common Law, Civil Law and International Law is null and void from the beginning for all the lands and seas of North America, Central America and South America.

As Atl law was never legitimately replaced, nor the people of North America, Central America or South America lawfully conquered within the physical realm, the law of the land has remained unbroken the Atl Law of the indigenous nations.

As Wampum Law descends from Atl Law and incorporates the laws and knowledge of its common ancestry with the peoples of Central America and South America, Wampum Law remains the unbroken legitimate system of law of the land of North America.